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Belle Époque Shelf and Tea Things

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This gorgeous piece of furniture is breathtaking. Its richly layered patina of golds, reds, grays, and ochres look stunning against any wall color. And its scalloped shelves and spindle supports are the essence of chic. It came to me via a French marché du puces. (Read more about my adventures in a French flea market here.) I can only imagine the life it led before it crossed the Atlantic. 

I've added glass, crystal, and silver tea things to it. The combination of shiny objects on the worn wood makes me swoon. Right now it is hanging in my dining room and my friends and I gather around it regularly and pay it compliments. If you buy it, you have to promise to love and admire it as much as we do. 

  • Shelf, painted and gilded wood, vintage, from France, excellent condition, with four shelves, (33.5"w x 35"h x 9"d) 
  • Turkish teacups, set of 12, glass, with charming bubble flower base and worn gilt edges, small in size holding 1/3 cup, vintage, good condition with the gold wearing off of some glasses (3"h x 2.5"d)
  • Teapot, silver-plated, filigreed, with acorn finial and bone insets on handle, antique, fair condition as spout has been repaired (10"w x 8.5"h)
  • Teapot, stamped Crosby, silver-plated on copper, vintage, good condition (9"w x 8"h)
  • Teapot, Gibsons of Staffordshire, silver and brown glaze with cameo bas relief classical figures, antique, very good condition (7.5"w x 4.25"h)
  • Salt shaker, Post House, hand-cut lead crystal with silver top, excellent condition (8"h x 2.25"d)
  • Pepper grinder, set of two, Post House, hand-cut lead crystal with silver top, excellent condition (8"h x 2.25"d)
  • Gorham rose bowl, electroplated, vintage, excellent condition (3."h x 6.5"d)
  • Compote with beaded handles, Queen Art Danish pewter, vintage, good condition (1.5"h x 5"d)
  • La France salt and pepper set, silver-plated, screw off tops, made in USA, vintage, fair condition (5.5"h)

Shipping costs are included. Also, please note that everything I sell, and I mean everything, is used, antique, vintage, etc. That means sometimes scratched, dented, and worn. Imperfect. Not dusty, though. Or dirty.