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Butterfly and Beetle Collage

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This collection is for the person who loves nature, science and art.  It is a striking composition of fine details and bold shapes.  One of the cast iron beetles is an original casting, which makes him very, very special.  The butterfly specimens are vintage, preserved and framed by someone who loved nature, science, and art. Between them all is a fetching platter, patterned with a botanical illustration.   

  • Beetle bootjack, cast iron, original casting, unpainted, red ribbon included (4.5"w x 10.5"h)
  • Platter, Spode, vintage ironstone, floral pattern (16")
  • Beetle bootjack, cast iron, unpainted, red ribbon included (4"w x 9"h)
  • Butterfly specimen, set of three, framed, vintage, fair condition (each is roughly 5.25"w x 4"h) 

This collage measures about 26" x 16".

Shipping costs are included. Also, please note that everything I sell, and I mean everything, is used, antique, vintage, etc. That means sometimes scratched, dented, and worn. Imperfect. Not dusty, though. Or dirty.