For the Perpetual Kid


Collection includes:: seven sturdy objects (as shown)

A perfect collection for a boy, young or old. My favorite is the vintage wood-encased multi-tester. The original owner carved his initials into it. For antiques dealers, the carving is the kiss of death in valuing an object. In my opinion, the initials provide an intriguing peek into the past, making it fun to imagine a young R.D.C. and his pocket knife. 

  • Toy wagon, with working axels and rubber wheels, antique, poor condition with wear and rust (7.25"l x 3"w x 2.25"h)
  • Pencil sharpener, Boston Bulldog, table mount, plastic and metal, vintage, good condition (2"l x 4.25"w x 3.5"h)
  • Multi-tester, Radio City Products, New York, NY, Model 446, wood encased, fair condition (8.5"l x 3"w x 5"h)
  • Monkey, cast iron, probably a reproduction, excellent condition (3.75"l x 1.5"w x 4"h)
  • Band-Aid box, metal, vintage, fair condition with rust (2.75"l x 1.25"w x 3.5"h)
  • Binoculars, metal, functional, vintage, fair condition with rust and cracks (5.5"l x 3.75"w x 2.25"h)
  • Globe, metal, probably from the 1930s, when Thailand was called Siam (9"h x 7"d) 

Shipping costs are included. Also, please note that everything I sell, and I mean everything, is used, antique, vintage, etc. That means sometimes scratched, dented, and worn. Imperfect. Not dusty, though. Or dirty.