About Finder Not Keeper

"It is good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder. And then it is well to give what you have found, a gift into the world for whoever will accept it."  - Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Hello! My name is Mithra Ballesteros. I'm a collection creator and a storyteller. 

Do you admire homes where old and new co-exist happily? Where heirloom pieces and workaday objects live side by side? 

Me too! I believe the veneer of age is flattering. A room where everything is new and perfect is boring. Meaningful living spaces contain objects that tell a story, that spark the imagination, that break the traditional rules of decorating. 


Do you struggle to finish a room? Are you flummoxed by your bookshelves or your mantles? 

No wonder! These elements of a room strike fear in the heart of even the most seasoned decorator. It is time-consuming to search for the unusual. It is challenging to balance scale, color, texture. That's where I come in.


Do you value individuality and dare to break the rules of decorating?  

Bravo! Even if you don't buy anything today, I hope my collections inspire you to take risks, have fun, embrace imperfection. I promise that if you do purchase something here, you won't see it in anyone else's home! 


Do you find yourself falling in love with inanimate objects?

Moi aussie! If you are like me, you think that objects have souls. They have an essence. They are companions on our journey through life. If you have something sentimental that's gathering dust in your closet, email me and I'll help you figure out a way to give it some shelf space in your home.


To read about these collections and my adventures in assembling them, go to my blog, The Bubble Joy.