I like a couple of items in the collection but not everything.  Do I have to buy the whole collection?

Yes, a great amount of effort goes into creating each collection. Consideration is given to scale, color, origination, and era. There are countless sources for antiques and vintage but Finder Not Keeper is different. At the same time, if there is one particular item that you love, email me about creating a custom collection just for you. I'd love to hear from you.


Is everything in the collection used?

Yes, everything in the collection is 'found'. Finder Not Keeper is the antithesis of mass production. The collection you are purchasing has lived a life before you! Every item contains slight imperfections. Often, the flaw is what makes it so lovely. Kind of like George Clooney's laugh lines.  


Can you create a custom collection for me?

Absolutely! I love custom collections! Perhaps you need a really singular gift for a very special occasion. Or you have been bequeathed a treasure that's gathering dust. I can help you create a stunning display with your heirloom as the centerpiece. Email me and we will get started. Read more about the process here. 


My collection arrived and it's not what I expected.  Can I return it?

First and foremost, you as the customer must be happy. You may return the collection in its original box within 10 days of receipt. I don't accept returns of individual items within the collection.  


Where do you find these things?

I travel a lot here in the U.S. as well as Europe and South America. I attend auctions, estate sales, flea markets, and barn sales. No matter where I am, I make time to hunt. My family's loss, your gain.