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American Game Bird Collage

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Wild birds of North America resplendent in rich colors and beautiful plumage are the subjects in this series of plates, probably from early to mid 20th century. Displayed on a wall, the set is stunning, and the scalloped gold rims are like beautiful frames. Or use the plates for appetizers or desserts if you prefer. They mix beautifully with modern pottery. Each plate is hand-colored, engraved, and copyrighted by Walter R. Duff. Featured birds include the ruffled grouse (partridge), the American woodcock, and the bobwhite. 
  • Plates, set of six, three different birds, each hand-colored, engraved, and copyrighted by Walter R. Duff, issued by Fonneville, NY, vintage, scalloped, edged with gold plating, excellent condition (9.5"d)
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