'B' is for My Book House


Collection includes:: Eleven volumes and brass bookends

Volume 1 is titled "In the Nursery" and it contains hundreds of traditional ditties for children. The content grows with the child. 

In the preface of volume 12 is this passage: When the child reads the stories in "Halls of Fame", he will see that behind every great achievement is one person's struggle to accomplish it. We hope that he will see that outstanding men and women, as children, were much like himself. Inside this volume are biographical gems such as "Jackie Robinson, The Loneliest Battler", and "Louisa May Alcott's Life in Concord". 

  • Books, set of 11, My Book House, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, copyright 1971, includes beautiful color illustrations, vintage, very good condition, missing volumes 2 and 6, extra volume 10. 
  • Bookends, brass 'B' in a block, vintage, excellent condition (5" x 5" x 2.5")

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