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Fondue Fun

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Fondue is so communal. Like roasting marshmallows -- you would only ever do this in the company of other people. Bon Appetit first included a fondue recipe in 1965, along with this party suggestion:"If you drop your bread into the golden goodness, then you must pay up. Girls, kiss your neighbor; boys, buy the next bottle of wine." Good times.

For the best ever chocolate fondue recipe that I've served at least fifteen times to rave reviews, go here. Just don't blame me if you find yourself making it monthly. 

  • Fondue pot, aqua enamel, teak handled, with stainless stand and teak handled sterno, vintage, good condition
  • Fondue forks, multicolored, set of six, perfect for stabbing bread, sausage, or boiled Charlotte potatoes
  • Acrylic fondue plates, slotted for bread, vegetables, and meat, vintage, good condition
  • Linen placemats, in oh-so trendy citrine, set of 4, vintage, good condition
  • Linen napkins, citrine, set of 4, vintage, good condition
  • Bull, handpainted on particle board, from the 50s, very mid-century modern with the colorbocking, good condition¬†

Shipping costs are included. Also, please note that everything I sell, and I mean everything, is used, antique, vintage, etc. That means sometimes scratched, dented, and worn. Imperfect. Not dusty, though. Or dirty.