Original Vintage Poster Milwaukee Repertory Theater


Collection includes: one original vintage poster

A vintage 1973 poster for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater's 20th anniversary season. That year, under the directorship of Nigle Jackson, the Rep staged Sam Shepard's La Turista, in keeping with their mission to push the theatrical envelope. Designed by Dean Meeker, the poster features a solo performer striking a pose underneath a geometric canopy of stage lights. I love the vivid colors. They glow in a way that is so reminiscient of the 70s.

  • Poster, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, now known as the Milwaukee Rep, designed by Dean Meeker, 1973, vintage, good condition (24" x 32.75") 

Please note that everything I sell, and I mean everything, is used, antique, vintage, etc. That means sometimes scratched, dented, and worn. Imperfect. Not dusty, though. Or dirty.