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Set of El Caballito Tequila Shot Glasses

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We found these vintage shot glasses in a charming antique shop in Mexico City. The shopkeeper explained that the tequila shot glass is known as el Caballito (the little horse). The name derives from agave farmers who traveled field-to-field on horseback with one gourd filled with water to quench their thirst and one gourd filled with tequila to celebrate a hard day’s harvest. Because laborers were forbidden to drink on the farms, the story goes that one day a supervisor asked one of his employees why he had two gourds hanging from his saddle. The laborer wisely responded, “this gourd is mine and that one is for my horse.” The story quickly spread and instead of calling for “one for the road,” people began calling the last shot of tequila “one for
my caballito.”

  • Tequila shot glasses, set of two, handmade pottery, handpainted with cobalt blue leaves and light orange flowers, good condition with slight chippin on the bottom (2.5"h x 1.75" w) 

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