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Ski Heil!

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When the snow flies, this vintage carved wood Norwegian doll gets a sparkle in her pretty blue eyes. She was made in the 1940s by Mimi Berg, famous for her smiling souvenir dolls. Her ensemble includes a hand-knit sweater and tassel cap, mittens emblazoned with the flag of Norway, a handy over-the-shoulder leather and canvas rucksack, and darling carved wood and leather ski/pole set. She has adjustable wire limbs for ease in posing. Take that Barbie!

I sat her on a wood crate stamped "Ski heil!" Inside the crate are two shot glasses shaped like feet in a cast. (A reference to the days when ski bindings did not release and it wasn't unusual to break an ankle.)

  • Doll, Mimi Berg, Norgesdukker, hand-carved, made in Norway, vintage, very good condition, with one strap of the ski loose (7"h x 2.5"w)
  • Shot glasses, pair, in crate, glass and plaster, vintage, excellent condition (glasses are 3.5"h x 1.75"d and crate is 4"l x 4"w x 2.75"h)

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